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China’s richest alumni list released in South Lake ranked fourteenth in parallel with the original title: China’s richest alumni list released! South Lake ranked tied for fourteenth today (November 4th), the Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 Hurun Report" special Alumni Association, collect more than 2000 assets over 2 billion entrepreneurs. This greatly is a good gay friend Wu, first to report to plug the minibus, a minibus turned out, the most wealthy college Zhejiang university! Far more than the number of Tsinghua university! Most of the female billionaires out of zhejiang! Although some accidents, but thought is also reasonable. Zhejiang is indeed the largest number of rich list, the ranking is what kind of? Follow the minibus to look down. Which schools out of the richest? Zhejiang University Alumni alumni ranked first with 38 of the richest man in the great God Shi Yuzhu in addition to marketing is soaring due to vivo, OPPO worth of Duan Yongping, Wang Qicheng, Wu Yan’s 80 start empty-handed couple, Song Weiping, Wang Jian, Greentown Alibaba. Home in Hangzhou minibus, want to hold the thigh… Peking University ranked 26 alumni list of second, the richest man is the founder of Baidu, Robin Li, in addition to New Oriental Yu Minhong, Dangdang, such as. Tsinghua to 22 ranked third, the richest man is perfect world founder Chi Yufeng, in addition to Wang Xing, Wang Chaoyong ChinaEquity group. The National People’s Congress in 20 ranked fourth, is the richest Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong, in addition to Hillhouse capital Zhang Lei, the new Austrian Wang Yusuo. Fudan to 19 ranked fifth, is the richest man in Oceanwide holdings chairman Lu Zhiqiang, in addition to Guo Guangchang, Chen Tianqiao and other big star. Why, didn’t you find your school? Then we change a few dimensions: the richest man who has studied? Hoogewerf charity list fourth richest man, Wang Jianlin, graduated from Liaoning University, Liaoning 4 ranking alumni list thirty-third. Second, last year’s list of top philanthropist Ma, graduated from Hangzhou Normal University, the school only because this alumni can not list the rich list this year, third top philanthropist Ma Huateng, graduated from Shenzhen University, with 6 people ranked nineteenth deep. Fourth, this year’s list of the "dark horse" Yao Zhenhua, graduated from South China University of Technology, the school ranked seventh to 12 people. Fifth, the association’s list of Bus Uncle Zong, because of the Cultural Revolution instead of studying, later graduated from college. Overall, entrepreneurs in nearly 10% Curve Wrecker type 50% has no full-time undergraduate or graduate degree, the reason for the delay due to various higher education entrepreneurs, most of them are on the Business School of learning, such as central Europe, the Yangtze River, and the nearest big lake, in fact the global billionaires, Gates and small with no undergraduate degree. Which other cities make the most of the schools? 66 at least out of the two richest institutions, the largest in Beijing, there are 13, followed by Shanghai, there are 7, once again, Guangzhou and Nanjing, respectively, there are. Interestingly, according to the ranking of Shenzhen has a rich list, in addition to Beijing most rich alumni list but only 1 universities, Ma Huateng graduated from Shenzhen)相关的主题文章:

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