China Sea Wing underwater glider long voyage means where to play

No. China Sea Wing underwater glider: long range hit wherever data figure: "Sea Wing" deep sea glider Xinhua Shenzhen November 19th news (reporter Hu Zhe, Sun Fei) in the eighteenth Shenzhen fair, Shenyang Automation Research Institute of Chinese designed "Sea Wing" underwater glider official appearance, create a time glider in China Sea underwater the longest and longest range record. The underwater glider is a new type of Underwater Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, it uses its own buoyancy principle to change the piston moving in the sea, life time up to several months. In recent years, promoting the new trend of international research has become a new generation of water technology as the characteristic of the glider to mix it in low energy consumption, low cost, long range and controllable movement convenient deployment and other advantages in one, with independent ability to work all day in the water, play an important role in marine science. At present, China developed underwater glider dive depth of 5751 meters, close to the current international underwater glider maximum dive depth (6000 meters). "Sea Wing" in the South China Sea after work for more than 1 months, the cumulative gain range of over 1000 km, more than and 220 observations, to create and maintain the time glider in China Sea underwater the longest and longest range record. Yu Jiancheng, deputy director of the Institute of underwater Robotics Research Institute, told reporters: "sea wing number" system uses modular technology, the design of an independent scientific measurement load cell. Scientific measurement of the load cell can be based on the mission of scientists, targeted to carry a variety of sensors with custom. From the past to achieve where to play where, to the present, where to play where the change, truly meet the diverse needs of scientists research. The glider’s main driving mechanism comprises a pitch adjusting device, buoyancy adjusting device and heading control device, the course control device uses small vertical rudder control system has good control ability, of course, is suitable for various kinds of complex ocean environment. Yu Jiancheng said: through satellite communications can be achieved on the remote control of underwater glider and real-time data acquisition, and can achieve a number of underwater glider cooperative observation. Aiming at the problem that the weather forecast is not accurate enough, the underwater glider provides high density data support for the long time, stable and continuous forecast.相关的主题文章:

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