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Chery will bring the 2 product family debut in Guangzhou Auto Show (Xinhua) November (Xinhua) 15, the fourteenth China (Guangzhou) International Auto Show will be kicked off in November 18th. Chery will bring its "Ai Ruize", "tiger" two series of new energy vehicles and a total of 14 models debut, a comprehensive display of the latest achievements of comprehensive strength and strategy in the age of 2, ahead of the upcoming "20 years old" birthday make wonderful answer. 2 product family hand in hand, according to internal sources, the Chery layout of a large booth of 1225 square meters, will bring 1+1+12 luxury lineup. 14 appearance models, including 1 concept cars (FV2030), 1 non listed models (5EV, AI Ruize) 12 car (3 Ai Ruize, 8, Tiggo 1 new energy), including 2 3x and 3 modified version of Tiggo Tiggo 7. From the show car layout view, Chery 2 stage "lineup" Ai Ruize 5, Tiggo 7, Tiggo 3x three car will full battle. Among them, as a new member of the family, November 15th listed the tiger "in Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha three linkage Tiggo 3x, the Guangzhou version of the show will bring the automatic and manual version of the two models, is expected to become one of the show’s most popular Chery blockbuster products. To create a new benchmark small SUV Market — 3x, inherited the "tiger family of products first-class technology and quality genes at the same time, will be a strong wit and interconnection function locking the young generation, together with the" 2 family "siblings, show the young Chery brand new image. In November 15th the new Chery Tiggo 3x fan, fan technology future "a see enough" Chery concept car has always been on behalf of its forward-looking technology strength and the future direction of product development. Not surprisingly, equipped with a number of science and technology in the future Chery brand vision car "FV2030" will appear at the Guangzhou auto show, become another highlight of the suction eye. "FV2030" into Chery many high-tech elements in the development of automobile industry, realizes real-time interconnection of holographic screen can be equipped with interactive display screen, cool 3D fantasy, since April this year, Chery brand night debut has numerous circle powder. For before the Beijing auto show did not appreciate the fans, the Guangzhou auto show is a great opportunity to close experience. The Chery concept car "FV2030" Chery 2 new technology new energy products — 7e, Ai Ai Ruize Raj 5EV will also participate, fully show the latest achievements of Chery new energy technology. AI Ruize Chery 7e is completely independent development of the first plug-in hybrid vehicle, the technical level in the domestic leading position. Erize 5EV is the development of Chery’s first in a model of pure electric vehicles, with a new three yuan battery materials, has a higher energy density than traditional battery materials, from the existing data, the vehicle mileage more than 300 kilometers beyond the comprehensive strength. "20 years old" what will be the answer? This time Chery will debut at the Guangzhou motor show.相关的主题文章:

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