Beijing dilon Real Estate Company due to rising house prices to others fined 500 thousand midd-885

Beijing dilon Real Estate Company due to rising house prices to others will be fined 500 thousand to developers submitted to be fined 500 thousand Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) from the sale of the villa prices soaring, Beijing Denon Real Estate Company refused to buy Zhang for housing transfer and others. To this end, the Tongzhou court in accordance with the law to make a fine of 500 thousand yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, dilon Real Estate Company delivered the villa and confess to the court. A few years ago, the Real Estate Company to buy Zhang Dilong several thousand yuan per square meter price of the new villa set. However, Zhang has not been submitted, the rapid increase in prices in Tongzhou. In the villa built, Denon company Shuaqi rogue, do not want to sell. Zhang sued, the court for the transfer formalities Zhang Dillon and delivery of housing. In the case of entering the enforcement, the executive judge sent the execution notice to the company and several phone Denon, the company, the other side still refused to handle the transfer procedures. In the face of the decision to have a room but not the plight of housing, Zhang repeatedly to seek help from the implementation of the judge. After the implementation of the judge in the real estate trading center and the number of coordination, without the participation of the company Denon Zhang still apply for a real estate license. From an application to enforce that a year has past Nadaofangchanzheng, Denon company still refused to fulfill the court. To this end, the court decided to make a fine of five hundred thousand yuan to the company. The fine is received after the decision, the company Denon finally realized the seriousness of the matter, with the court of housing transfer work and take the initiative to admit mistakes. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

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