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Bazaar Charity Night   Huang Xiaoming Deng Chaohuang Bohai led the national charity – entertainment channel, bazaar Charity Night   Huang Xiaoming Deng Chaohuang Bohai led the national charity source: Xinhua entertainment     09 2016 11 August 12:13 "to those born unequal poor mountain children and their parents, to get life rescue, even to pay all the effort and sweat, I would like to, we are willing to." Somans MS JuanShou language expression in "bazaar" charity in 2016 9 issue, the US pulled into the saturated love the warmth of the world. The evening of September 9, 2016, 2016BAZAAR Star Charity Night theme song, I have I have to know to sing the king of charity to stick to the dream. Deng Chao, Huang Xiaoming, Huang Bo three captain led 60 super star and more than 300 business leaders, celebrities, cultural celebrities, the 3000 love fans, and a number of public spirited media to visit the site for the charity alliance, for love. Self focusing function Deng Chao led by Zheng Kai, Wong Cho Lam, Chen’s brother ran for the love of Xu Zheng, Bai Baihe, body; Liu Tao, Wang Kai, Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei, Yundi Li, Wang, packet mix confrontation, stunning the audience; Guo Degang humorous, wonderful help beat; TFBOYS for charity inject fresh power; Wu Yifan Li Yuchun handsome appearance, soulful singing the Shanghai Chamber Choir; Rainbow Magic sound vibration soul. High Yan added super talent, soulful interpretation and fashion mix each other. From 2003 to date, BAZAAR Star Charity Night has never stopped the pace of innovation, it is not this faded enthusiasm, so that BAZAAR Star Charity Night to become a true charity king. 2016, the initiative to develop the initiative of the king of charity, start the three innovations, drawing a new version of charity. For the first time the online donation channels open, will achieve the ultimate universal charity; open for the first time the audience seats, let more people infected for love union spirit; the first invited all star team for the love of sound. Finally, through online and offline love relay, raised a total of 64251288 Yuan love money. The Three Star Corps 9 auction price 35600000 yuan, donated 38 love rescue team (each had 10 cars, each 70 thousand yuan; a live ambulance) total contribution of 1447475 yuan; through charity sweater sales raised money to 140000 yuan; 99 public Tencent daily on the platform of 463813 yuan to raise money. All proceeds will be donated to the "love acceleration" Siyuan poverty county (township) bazaar? Ambulance project. Share to: (commissioning editor: Jiang Bo, Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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