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Bamboo village viewing platform, overlooking the Qiandao Lake tourism Sohu – Bamboo Village viewing platform, the horizon, a landscape of lakes and mountains, is the Qiandao Lake, green lake, want to drink, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of Qiandao Lake Oh, allegedly by thousands of islands, do not believe you can personally see kazakhstan. Just get off, just took out the phone to shoot video, a small partner found her cell phone in the hotel. Standing on the observation deck overlooking the lake, look different island panoramic view, calm lake like blue satin, smooth and wrinkle free. Qiandao Lake, located in the western suburbs of Hangzhou Chunan County, Zhejiang province Chinese East, 129 kilometers from Hangzhou, 140 kilometers west of Mount Huangshan, is the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta region, is the world’s largest islands of the lake, because the lake has 1078 Tsui island named. The lake blue photography photography style Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style looked at the green, the water quality of the Qiandao Lake visible how good. In Chinese lake water in rivers and lakes water quality first. The national level of water, without any treatment of drinking water standards, praised as "the best in all the land of xiushui". The main source of Qiandao Lake for the Xin’An River and its tributaries of the territory of Anhui, Huizhou, Shexian, Anhui catchment from Xiuning, Tunxi, Jixi, and Qimen and Mount Huangshan District of southern. The total area of Xiamen Airlines style photography Qiandao Lake scenic area of 982 square kilometers, because the lake has 1078 Tsui island named. The territory on both sides of the Xin’An River, the peaks rise steeply, the history of "Feng county", the average elevation of 600-1000 meters. The photography Xiamen Airlines style Qiandao Lake scenic area stretches, lush forests, greening rate of 100%, 573 square kilometers of the lake water crystal clear, visibility up to 12 meters, is a national water. Photography ShaHang style home, encounter a beautiful sunset. End of the article, thank you.相关的主题文章:

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