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Baby to eat food supplement diarrhea, allergies, blame you for these "work" – many Sohu do not add complementary after maternal since the baby will have varying degrees of diarrhea, constipation, or even allergies and discomfort… So as parents, in addition to the correct method to master daily breastfed babies, should also understand the baby food supplement add various adverse reactions and what about? Parents and how to deal with? Today the small family for breastfed babies after rejection and solutions for you to look at the science! Add a food supplement for children diarrhea after feeding early may appear tolerance bad phenomenon, diarrhea is one of them. The phenomenon of intolerance, if not serious, can maintain the amount added to observe 3 days. If the situation is getting better, to return to normal after adding amount and new food; if it continues to increase, to suspend food for several days and try again, similar incidents, the replacement of other foods. In addition to diarrhea may occur in addition at the beginning, there will be too many, in the amount of food supplement food characters coarse feeding time is not reasonable under such circumstances. Note to parents: breastfeeding baby parents not because the cause of diarrhea and termination of breastfeeding, must adhere to, but not the frequency of breastfeeding; if the formula powder or mixed feeding, decisively special formula powder for lactose, sustainable 1-2 weeks; complementary infant diarrhea has been added, no need to stop completely, can keep feeding and Rice noodles vegetables. Special emphasis is placed on the possibility of diarrhea when the weather cools. If there is a baby for a long time or not only the symptoms of light weight, parents should be as soon as possible the baby’s stool specimens placed in plastic boxes or plastic wrap to the hospital for examination, as soon as possible to determine the cause, to find effective treatment. Add a food supplement in infant constipation constipation is a common problem, mainly for the hard dry stool, defecation, can prevent and treat constipation from two aspects to ensure the normal intestinal flora and adequate intake of cellulose. Because: > > > bacteria; constipation and intestinal function in the intestine, mainly Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus, can defeat solution of cellulose in food, to produce short chain fatty acids, accompanied by a lot of water, resulting in soft stools. Breast feeding is the best way to build up the main intestinal flora. In addition, parents need to pay attention to is: excessive use of disinfectants, will reduce the bacteria in the environment, but also conducive to the establishment and maintenance of the intestinal flora of the baby. > > > constipation is also related to the intake of milk and cellulose oligosaccharides, formula powder in foods such as prebiotics, cellulose rich vegetables are the source of dietary fiber. Added to the baby after cooking, food processing, if carefully refined, it is conducive to the absorption of nutrients, beneficial to the growth of the baby; the disadvantage is the food residue less, the cellulose intake, causing constipation. Special emphasis on parents and friends must not be in order to prevent constipation, and the food processing too rough, which will lead to the emergence of indigestion, causing diarrhea. So, food and!相关的主题文章:

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