Anti phishing attack a piece of paper Raiders take you to visit the network security Expo (video)

Anti phishing attack hackers a Raiders show you around network security sweep face fair pay "Hawkeye" Iron Man "tomorrow to 25," the 2016 major activities of National Cyber Security Awareness Week "opening and network security, network security technology Expo Summit Forum, the TV network security knowledge contest will be held in Wuhan city. Among them, with knowledge, interactive, experiential, fun, network security Expo has become the focus of attention. Yesterday, the reporter visits to network security preparations for the Expo, after intense exhibition, the exhibition hall has been basically ready, many novelty instruments have been debugging in place, waiting for the audience to participate. Network security Expo held in Wuhan International Expo Center Hall A6-1, nearly a hundred exhibitors, divided into four thematic areas: network security and the commercial side of network security, smart city, new technology and new security, show the development of network security technology and application to the public to the main exhibition in the form of communication network security knowledge, improve the network security awareness and ability. What are the highlights of the Expo? Go shopping? How to go? Reporters ahead of you raiders. Baidu Inc pavilion design is very exciting. The protection of network security zone around the theme of A for network security side, when you step into the exhibition hall, Baidu, Ali, 360, Tencent, the Internet "big four" can also "punch" into your eyes: the sci-fi futuristic Alibaba group and ant payment service, the space station design like 360 a three-dimensional earth "ceiling", blue white minimalist style Tencent, KnownSec security, Baidu security booth intelligence service style. Ant gold booth will unlock a new skill you – brush face shopping, the scene, the audience can be paid by the face to face the experience of the Ant King of gold, the world’s leading biometric payment technology. In the Baidu security, when you pass it a display area, you have to stop, because you can see yourself on the screen, and choose their own love mechanical armor color to wear, the armor will close follow your body moving, experience the "iron man". The scene also put a car, used to demonstrate intelligent car crack. Two large electronic display, similar to the command center security bureau, technology control can be stopped, the system can monitor the user terminal to receive SMS fraud, phishing sites, pseudo base station, and the attacking side active pursuit, for the enterprise, also can monitor whether there are hackers and other abnormal behavior and make emergency response. Baidu is said to be in the field of artificial intelligence, the latest products – small robots will also be unveiled. Tencent and KnownSec, with the "universal" sniper "hacking" two big game, like carrying a rifle shooting, "watermelon" play wave. Reporters saw a lot of beauty in the booth is preparing to do, when the audience will explain and guide interactive experience. Tencent in the booth, the audience will also see Hawkeye intelligent anti telephone fraud case, this is a smart product data and the combination of anti fraud. 360, divided into national security, enterprise security and personal safety components. The site will also be displayed, such as the 1 act相关的主题文章:

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