AMG will push gle43 Coupe models more robust aptana studio

AMG will push GLE43 Coupe models more robust performance of Phoenix car soon before the hearing, the Mercedes -AMG announced its GLE450 models officially renamed GLE43, at present, the car sales in the parallel import car channel. Recently, there is news that GLE43 will launch a Coupe coupe models. The market price of the car has not yet been announced. Power, Mercedes Benz AMG GLE43 Coupe equipped with GLC43 Coupe with the same powertrain, open the engine cover, a red 3.0T twin turbo V6 engine came into view, the maximum output power of the engine is 270 kW, the peak torque of 520 n – M. Transmission system is matched with a 9 speed manual gearbox, with movement, movement + manual and three optional modes. This power system can be completed in 5.6 seconds 0-96km h acceleration, maximum speed is limited to 250km H. In addition, the new car is also equipped with air suspension and AMG Performance 4MATIC four-wheel drive system, in addition to SLC43, all 43 series models are equipped with 4MATIC four wheel drive system and air suspension. The new car brake and steering system to be adjusted to get better control. At present, we have not got the Mercedes Benz GLE43 Coupe real car pictures, but can refer to the AMG GLC43 Coupe, I believe that the two will be very similar in appearance design. Joined the AMG sports style suite is inevitable, compared to the ordinary version of the model, GLE43 will also further reduce the use of chrome material, put on the black elements to enhance the sense of mystery and movement. As with the AMG GLC43 Coupe, GLE43 Coupe will also join the pedal and "BITURBO 4MATIC" on the side of the body in LOGO, in addition, the rearview mirror may also be replaced by black, and the possibility of the use of carbon fiber material and will not be great. The tail is the design of the back of the car is the biggest bright spot. The trunk will also join the spoiler tailed duck, four exhaust pipes are indispensable elements. These are all very important equipment in the sport of high performance cars. Changes in the interior part is not particularly obvious, but in terms of material and details of the upgrade. For example, the interior trim panel using the AMG family of carbon fiber material, in addition, the new car is also equipped with a AMG style steering wheel, there may be added to highlight the movement of the red stitching and safety belt. The configuration, the standard version of GLE43 Coupe with a skylight and the front seat of electric heating, consumers can be optional steering wheel and seat heating and ventilation, in addition, there are more strict requirements of consumers can also optional sport seats and shift paddles for high performance. The vehicle comes standard with Harman Kardon sound, if your wallet enough drum, also can choose B& O to upgrade the enjoyment of hearing.相关的主题文章:

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