Air pollution is still plagued the world to see how countries protect the blue sky and white clouds

Air pollution is still plagued by global countries how to protect the blue sky and white clouds of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants in October 3, 2016, Beijing continued in severe pollution, according to the meteorological department to disclose the data, on the 3 day the air index will be more than 250, compared to 2, further deterioration. But on the evening of 3 to 4, there will be rain, to ease the haze day blocking phenomenon. On the morning of 3 8:30 or so, Beijing City, Haidian District West Sanhuan visibility minimum, everywhere is a hazy. A report of Oriental WHO IC released at the end of September, most of the world’s population lives in air pollution over the World Health Organization limit area, number of air pollution each year due to the death of more than 6 million. Air pollution has posed a major threat to global public health. Over nine of adult respiratory "exceed the standard" air WHO in September 27th released a new report, which shows the air quality model, air pollution levels up to 92% of the world’s population area more than "the World Health Organization environmental air quality guidelines" in the limit. The world health organization responsible for public health and environmental affairs officer Maria Neira said, every year because of exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution caused more than 6 million deaths (accounting for 1/9 of total deaths worldwide each year). "These figures are enough to cause the attention of everyone." The report notes that the main sources of air pollutants, including traffic emissions, household fuel and waste incineration, coal-fired power generation and industrial activities, etc.. Neila said the city air pollution problem has been very urgent, but also in rural areas than many people imagine to be worse. From the comparison, in less developed countries the air quality worse than many developed countries, but in general, the problem of air pollution related to all countries and all levels of society, the world should take prompt action to deal with the air pollution. Local time on June 21, 2016, Santiago, Chile, local air pollution, the building was shrouded in haze. According to the Chilean environmental department said the southern city of air pollution in Santiago and Chile reached the critical concentration, the official will be caused by haze due to the public celebration of American Football Cup Chile win the Mexico team of barbecue smoke. IC how to deal with air pollution in the west, in fact, the air quality of the country has experienced serious air pollution. How do they manage the blue sky and white clouds? What experience is worth learning from? After the first industrial revolution in the United Kingdom, factories in the London area were densely covered, burning coal, bringing a lot of dust and toxic gases. In order to improve this situation, the British government in 1956 promulgated the clean air act, the delineation of the smoke control area, the town of the district prohibits direct combustion of coal. In addition, all the coal-fired power plants have been shut down in London, moved to places outside the city. Over the past few decades, the focus of pollution control in the United Kingdom for automobile exhaust. The government requires that all new cars must be fitted with a catalyst of 1相关的主题文章:

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