Air force response to frequent combat training to deal with the deployment of Sade in order to impro

Air force response to frequent combat training to deal with the deployment of Sade: in order to improve their own – the opening of the air force will be the media. JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Bin photo of ground to air missile launch. Correspondent Liu Chuan photo from September 1st onwards, the air force will hold the "dream space" open air activities in Jilin Changchun, will be free and open to the public. Reporters yesterday from the air force aviation open media briefing was informed that the display of a total of more than 30 types of weapons and equipment, covering fighter, trainer, special machines, transport aircraft, etc.. Among them, the detonation -6K, air marshals -500, 12 type of equipment for the first time to showcase. Talk about the activities of more than 30 Highlights – type weapons show more than usual doubled the open air activities will be held in Jilin Changchun Dafangshen held at the airport, the scene is divided into training aircraft, main battle aircraft, ground equipment exhibition three. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the activities of the media briefing, the total number of more than 30 types of open air activities more than more than 40 sets of equipment to participate in the show, exhibiting a variety of equipment than the previous one. Both fighters -10A and other fighters, also have to ground equipment -6K, -6, bang bang JH 7-A, 5 aircraft, and large and medium transport aircraft IL -76 and -8, and air marshals -500, of which 12 types of weapons and equipment will be the first public display. It is noteworthy that the recent implementation of the South China Sea combat cruise mission ares -6K will be the first to show the static. At the same time, in order to transport -9 for new AWACS air marshals -500 aircraft will also be unveiled open air activities. The flight demonstration team a total of 4 teams, including the "sky wing", "Red Eagle", "81" and model demonstration team. Among them, as a new performance model team strength, is the first time to participate in activities open air. According to the Aviation University of Air Force Training Department of Colonel Qiao Zengqiang, the team will play aeromodelling aeromodelling airplane weight, drive ratio, high flexibility, performance of super low altitude hover, tail impulse, flat spiral and other unconventional maneuvers. The China blue sky guard the reputation of the "81" aerobatic team, with the United States and Russia "Thunderbird" "warrior" and "Yu Yan" are the world’s four largest third generation supersonic flight demonstration team. The "81" Air Force aerobatic team captain Colonel Cao Zhenzhong introduced, the opening event, Bayi performance team made an adjustment in the choreography, especially in the smoke system. In the past, the f -10 performing machine have been using solid smoke is used, the liquid smoke, increases the performance effect. "Smoke agent is food grade green coloring material, with red yellow blue white color." At present, the "lion mountain" typhoon has entered the Jilin Province, whether there is an open plan? "We are always concerned about the weather." Colonel Qiao Zengqiang said, every day will be time discussion about the weather, and according to different weather conditions have different plans. At present, open air activities started "postpone" plan. The original plan in September 1st the air show and other activities, postponed to September 2nd. – talk about the new Cadet cadet candidates will enable the special vehicle in recent years, the air force Cadet quality and realize the historical leap of the past, Zhao Feikai相关的主题文章:

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