After 90 guy attack game server profit only 74 yuan was sentenced to three years aapt.exe

90 guy attack game server only profit 74 yuan was sentenced to three years according to major news reports, although only profit 74 yuan, but others illegal control computer system Wang, could not escape legal punishment according to law. Recently, the Wuhu economic and Technological Development Zone, the people’s court heard the case, Wang Mou for its illegal acts, pay a painful price. Wang was born in 1995, when the youth, studying in a university in Jiangsu. From July 2015 to August, Wang Mou repeatedly through the "1433 chicken tool" scanning on the Internet 1433 port was open the computer implanted Trojan to become "chicken" (i.e., hackers remote control computer), and the use of a remote management system software for remote control of the "chicken", a total of 130 successful control more than computers. After Wang Mou will be sold through the QQ number of broiler control. Lee through QQ, and Wang, July 30, 2015 and September 5th, Lee to 1 yuan per unit price, total control to Wang Mou to buy 74 sets of "chicken", and through the transfer of 74 yuan to Wang Alipay Alipay account. After Lee using the network VIP firewall login software to control the 74 "chicken" attack other people’s game server. The court held that the defendant Wang Mou in violation of state regulations, the implementation of more than 130 illegal control of computer information systems, the circumstances are especially serious, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute the crime of illegal control of computer information systems. Because Wang truthfully confessed his crimes and pleaded guilty to repentance positive attitude, sentenced him to three years imprisonment, probation for four years and fined thirty thousand yuan.相关的主题文章:

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