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A woman in Zhejiang Zhoushan many times to steal the fruit only due to listen to theft can cure Beijing Beijing – in November 14 Zhoushan Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Xiao Na Ling Xiao Zhenrong) 14, reporters from Zhejiang Province, Zhoushan Shengsi court was informed that the court has heard the case of theft case is to laugh is. The defendant a ten consecutive times into a fruit shop to steal the fruit, and she claimed that he does not love to eat fruit, not for cheap, but in order to cure. The more than and 50 year old company runs a grocery store and chess room in Zhoushan Shengsi, the day insipid. With the increase of age, the body is also more trouble, the memory is getting worse, go to the Shanghai hospital to see a lot of times there is no cure, so began to inquire about all kinds of disease can cure. There are friends to her advice, always bad governance, you can go to see the fortune teller. One can cure, muddleheaded people suangua suangua, said only by evil to eliminate pain, let her go to the petty thief steal enough 20 disease is good. On an island in the lifetime of people living by the surrounding influence is superstition, see the fortune teller said it would closely reasoned and well argued for gospel truth. Since the beginning of 2016 February, a regular dinner walk to Shengsi County Fruit Supermarket, buy some fruit to entertain his chess room guests, but also with the boss Lara homemade mix a familiar face. The boss did not see what to prevent yourself, take advantage of the time when many people secretly put some fruit with a bag placed in front of the store in the corner, and then go to buy a small part of the fruit, when to go, go directly to the fruit. At first, a still feel shy, will come back to see if there was found, the boss did not find strange. I have become arrogant, pistachios, every time I go to buy fruit directly from the shelves with good fruit, no one was directly linzou. The last time the crime on the same day, fruit shop boss suddenly xianlaiwushi in store monitoring, put away the fruit that month did not pay, and then watched a few days ago to know a monitor, often take the fruit does not pay, then to the police report. A know the seriousness of the matter, the night surrendered to the public security. The public security monitor the transfer of view, a stolen pitaya, ugly orange, red, etc. a number of muskmelon fruits and vegetables. A fruit shop active restitution economic losses of 4000 yuan, and achieved their understanding. During the trial, one should not regret a previous mistake, not credulous superstition, to cure disease, but will send their own on the road of crime. The court held that a voluntarily surrender after the crime, truthfully confessed his crime, is a surrender, be given a lighter punishment according to law; after the incident, the victim can take the initiative to restitution of all economic losses, and an apology made in understanding, appropriate sentences. In a bail can abide by the law, there is repentance, the law may apply to a single fine punishment. Finally a defendant sentenced to a fine of 2000 yuan. (end)相关的主题文章:

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