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Doctoral school when the courier express: engaged in after the original title: "my classmates alienated his family doctor also mortgage on his hands to feed themselves is fine" interview with the character of Tan Chao, male, born in May 1984, Shandong Yantai Longkou, Yantai University courier network boss, Jilin is also the History Department of Yanbian University graduate Bo two. Interview background express industry has a future." From 2010 to now, TAN Chao about 600000 express handling. "I use both hands to earn money to eat, how do people see?" The annual double 11 electricity supplier war is coming, yesterday, the China Daily reporter interviewed the highest domestic education doctoral express brother, to understand his story, to share his entrepreneurial experience. Engaged in courier work, some students began to alienate me, China Daily: simply talk about your personal situation. Tan Chao: I’m from Shandong Yantai Longkou, was born in May 1984 in a farmhouse. 2007 graduated from the Journalism Department of Yantai University School of humanities, Yantai University in 2011 admitted to China graduate minority history graduate, 2015 graduate professional doctorate at Yanbian University in Jilin, world history. China Daily: when did you begin to express work? Tan Chao: when I was in college, I was a graduate student. In 2007, after graduation, I review the side, while a few part-time job: bit by bit done real estate intermediary, as a university security, receive waste. These jobs, or not suitable for their own, or graduate school entrance examination in time conflict, or income is too low, and finally did not insist on down. 2010 summer vacation, I began to engage in courier work, and finally insisted on down. China Daily: Courier brother is your choice or be chosen? What is the attitude of his family, especially his girlfriend? Tan Chao: Express brother is my choice, when the electricity supplier is on the rise, I realized that the industry will have good prospects for development, determined to intervene. Initially parents do not understand, they feel in front of friends and relatives do not face. I can clearly feel that they are not happy, have a sense of inferiority. In recent years, with the expansion of business, parents slowly accepted. Wife (the original girlfriend) has been more understanding, but sometimes there are complaints. Especially since I read Bo last year, the courier business is mainly responsible for her, busy, she was tired often cry on the phone. In order to reduce the burden on his wife, every year may day, national day, or school is not busy, I will go back to Yantai to help her. China Daily: students choose this job for you to evaluate? Have you ever been teased or sarcastic? Tan Chao: engaged in the early courier work, some university students said they do not understand. Some people say: it is the loss of the high degree to send express, what is the future? Since then, some students alienated me, until no longer contact. China Daily: Courier work hard work, most practitioners are not well educated migrant workers, you may be the highest degree of "express brother", there is no thought put fine timber to petty use? Tan Chao: I didn’t go toward this thought, also have to eat, have to pay tuition fees, also have to feed their families, but also the mortgage, not to the old Jia Peng相关的主题文章:

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