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Guangdong Shanwei mayor: according to law of the village land ownership registration certification original title: Shanwei Lufeng village of clear ownership of the land ownership registration certification in September 11th, Nanfang Daily published an article "Shanwei Lufeng to properly solve the problem of" promoting Wukan, reports aroused widespread concern. Around the relevant issues, 11, the reporter interviewed the mayor of Shanwei Yang Xusong. Yang Xusong said that the land issue is the core demands of the villagers of wukan. As of now, the solution of the land problem of the villagers of Wukan legitimate, can solve, have, according to the law to solve. Other unresolved land claims, either because it does not comply with the law, there is no legal evidence for the villagers to Wukan with adjacent villages consultation. It is reported that Shanwei, Lufeng two government of the village, no clear ownership of land disputes, has completed the registration certification is indeed the right dispute; for the land, has set up a platform for negotiation and mediation; land demand obviously does not comply with the law, the local government is also careful to explain, for the villagers to understand. According to the law on land ownership registration certification Yang Xusong told reporters, in order to properly solve the land problem in Wukan, Shanwei, Lufeng, from the two levels of government has been handed back to the village land to speed up the progress of work, according to the law of ownership registration certification. As of August 28th, to return to the village of 3928.32 acres of land and the essence of Wukan control, clear ownership of the 4509 acres of land, together with the existing village and Qi Sha Cun belonging to 144.18 acres of land have been identified in the disputed land, totaling 8581.50 acres have been completed land ownership and registration, a total of 31 for the land certificate or the real estate warrants, and all the village of Wukan sign. It is understood, is indeed the right registration certification of the 8581.50 acres of land, including seven blocks. TOYOTA is a by 402.5 acres, 9 acres of Fu Rong company and Richvast company arrears of land acquisition compensation fee of 293 acres, a total of 704.5 acres. Two is the 75 acres of land retained Richvast company. The three is the original village of Wukan illegal transfer of 561.1 acres of land, illegal distribution of 434.8 acres, 261.5 acres of land and the other by TOYOTA for 52 acres, a total of 1309.4 acres. The four is "Wukan Hutoushan" enclave of 944 acres. Five is the essence of Wukan control and clear ownership of the 3565 acres. The six is the Lucky Island imposed 1715 acres of land, to the road maintenance levy of 124.42 acres of land, totaling 1839.42 acres. Seven is the village and Qi Sha Cun land dispute in Wukan clear attribution of 144.18 acres. Yang Xusong introduced, according to the demands of the land, the villagers of Wukan proposed in July this year, Lufeng municipal government formulated a programme of work, organization and personnel registration certification in accordance with the relevant procedures and provisions of land ownership, land surveying, cadastral survey to carry out the relevant land, guidance village by land registration coordination adjacent village community signed confirmation after acceptance, review, announcement, register book, certificates and other procedures, according to the regulations issued by the land. Jun相关的主题文章:

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