Wuhan East District 9· 9 large jewellery theft case cracked melia kreiling

Wuhan East District "9· 9" large jewellery theft case cracked black plastic bag, two men wearing dug two holes wearing masks dressed as "Panda" appearance, gold and silver jewelry store door open at night, will store the value of 3 million yuan jewelry looted. East Lake New Technology Development Zone, the police traced, will be the last suspect arrested yesterday. This month 9, Wuhan East New District, a gold and silver jewelry store owner Mr. Xu reported that his home was stolen jewelry store. Scene investigation police found the safe storage of gold and silver jewelry shop was forced open, more than 300 of the value stored inside the jewellery was looted, the host computer storage store surveillance video was suspect taken away, the scene left a cigarette butts. Special class police to shop for the center, one by one to see the surrounding more than 120 video monitoring found that day at 2 points ~4 points, 2 covered face, dressed as a panda like people in the shop nearby. By Mopai, a man surnamed Feng in the investigators sight. Feng Mouceng for the theft of "three Palace", recently he suddenly made a fortune, not only before the toxic gambling debts, smoking is very high. Secretly tracking the police found that he went to the Jianghan District Flower Street, a jewelry shop and people trading. The police received stolen goods zhuangmou secret control, recovered 150 thousand yuan worth of stolen gold and silver jewelry. Zhuang confessed that these are sold to him pingmou. After pingmou arrested, the police quickly learned the whereabouts of their accomplices hwang. At noon yesterday, Hwang was arrested. After the trial, the 44 year old pingmou release and cellmate Huang together from prison. Some time ago, pingmou accidentally saw Mr. Xu’s shop at unattended, jewellery are placed in the store, and then a yellow morning masked burglary. At present, the police are to recover stolen goods. (reporter Ke aesthetic correspondent Li Yusheng)相关的主题文章:

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