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A lot of CD Dou Jingtong Guan Xiaotong, the two generation of the development of the different concerns of the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! News source: Sina watch from the public media, film and television: "Dad" launched 4 wind trademark adorable baby to steal the spotlight, whether or not you are adorable to? These stars have imperceptibly two generation Shuabing entertainment. By Huang Lei daughter a lot of yellow Hollywood movies dubbed a "giant" is being aggressively, Meng Meng voice did not melt your heart? The 10 year old daughter Huang Lei voiced a lot more and more tall now, just as the Paris Fashion Week show turned fashion small Icon, and now Spielberg film dubbing. A lot of yellow several vocals is worth mentioning, "the little prince" and "Kung Fu Panda 3" are also a lot of vocals Oh, the movie adorable cute voice by many netizens praised the little prince ~ more and more international a lot of director Spielberg and full English exchange without pressure, stand together with Fan Bingbing, temperament do not lose. A big star as two generation of natural resources is needless to say, but a lot of the performance is to father Huang Lei long face, catwalk, dubbing, participate in various activities have a kind of mold. The same as my father’s small cotton padded jacket, several star two generation small flower development seems are not the same, but also have a territory of their own. The daughter of Tian Liang Tian Yucheng: 2014, Sen dish also had vocals for the movie, in the "2" despicable me for Agnes dubbing, and harvest countless praise. "Catch" amid the big screen also experienced a "demon", in the catch of guest of a demon. But since elementary school, Sen dish rarely attend public activities. Tian Liang and Ye Yiqian from micro-blog can be seen in the last two years, she continued to enrich themselves, has become a small expert. Sen dish of course, the female man nature is still not changed, what the somersault that come. Zhao Benshan somersault daughter: Zhao Yihan the most recent concern about the "star two generation" little flowers should be "your social ball sister" (the original name of micro-blog), oh no, the daughter of Zhao Benshan Zhao Yihan. Since the opening of the broadcast network when red, born in 1997, she would play fast on the Internet, but also from time to time in the program is faceless, net red circles carry handle. Recently appeared in Shanghai, Zhao Yihan appeared in Shanghai to record a program, but also attracted no small concern. Zhao Yihan but the most concerned about the ball sister, or live. For nearly a year, she frequently appeared in major broadcast platform, with dad’s aura of blessing, can be said that no one can be the enemy. In fact, live, and friends say it is, but it is very usual Laoke, a ball sister can easily earn hundreds of thousands. According to page 1 votes equal to 0.031 yuan calculation, the broadcast totaling 850 thousand Yihan live if you pull on Zhao dad Zhao Benshan, the more incredible, this reflects the more than 100 million tickets of RMB about 4000000. In other words, Zhao Benshan, now 19 year old sister has been able to easily support themselves, but it can not be denied and Zhao Benshan相关的主题文章:

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