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Perform suck Henan 4 grass court Dean was focus on accountability – Beijing new network in Zhengzhou in September 18, (Liu Peng) due to poor implementation, Henan 4 primary court 18 days is concentrated upon notification. Among them, three president of the Henan court of Weihui City, Shangshui County, Xihua county to the superior court examination; Luoyang Xigong District Court President Zhao Yaowu admonishing conversation. Liquidation of the implementation of the case, the Supreme People’s court is difficult to deploy the implementation of the important work to solve the problem is to start the implementation of the difficult battle to fight the first gun". 18, 2009, the Henan Provincial Higher People’s Court of public informed of the province’s grassroots courts due to lax management, the implementation of the delay, the president, the executive director and other responsible person is responsible for the handling of the situation of the 4. Informed that the three Court of the city of Weihui Province, Shangshui County, Xihua County as a result of the case shall clean up the issuance of work is seriously lagging behind, the Supreme People’s court upon notification, the province’s court dragged the hind legs. Luoyang Xigong District Court case cleanup in the province ranked by the provincial court, the court informed criticism, executive director Shi Kechen to the superior court of the criticism turned a deaf ear to insubordination, the court’s decision, caused serious negative effect. Henan high court said, for serious work discipline, spur lagging behind, instructed the Xinxiang intermediate people’s court, the Zhoukou intermediate people’s court, the Luoyang intermediate people’s Court of the 4 court main leadership and responsible accountability. The decision is as follows: Xinxiang City Intermediate People’s court ordered the people’s Court of Weihui City, Wang Jianwen, director of the court to make an inspection. Weihui City Court responsible for the hospital leadership responsibility executive vice president Duan Ketao gave Jie Mian conversation; to host the hospital executive deputy director of the work Execution Bureau Yu Huabao given administrative warning. Zhoukou City Intermediate People’s court ordered the Xihua County People’s court president Wang Zanhua to the court party made examination; administrative demerit of the executive director of the hospital Lai Hongsen. Xihua County Court of the hospital responsible for execution of a court vice president Liu Haiyong given a demerit. Zhoukou City Intermediate People’s court ordered Shangshui County People’s court president Wang Hongya to the court party to check; Hong Bin vice president of the hospital in charge of the implementation of the given administrative warning. Shangshui county court three Court vice president Lv Yafei on the responsible person to give a demerit; implementation of three Court Executive Shao Miao given a demerit. Luoyang City Intermediate People’s court to give Luoyang Xigong District People’s court president Zhao Yaowu Liu Qi admonishing conversation handle; vice president of the Institute in charge of the implementation of the given administrative warning; given administrative demerit of the executive director of the hospital Shi Kechen, at the same time from Xigong District Court of the Executive Secretary duties. Henan high court said, hope that the court officers must from the accountability process to draw lessons, learn a lesson, do the alarm bells ringing. The courts at all levels leadership especially the leaders to personally research, personally deployment, personally directed the implementation to solve the work, do not push, "one shopkeeper". For causing serious consequences and adverse effects, resolutely start accountability mechanisms, in accordance with the relevant provisions of serious accountability related personnel, without mercy. According to another report, from January to August this year, Henan Province, the court received a total of 192 thousand cases of new cases相关的主题文章:

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