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The mother-in-law daughter-in-law abuse continued: mother hope the judges involved written memorandum of understanding (Figure) Liangshan (micro-blog) in Ningnan County women’s Yan Moumou, often beaten 70 year old mother-in-law Lu Moumou, village people lead to anger, call the police. Suspicion of committing a crime of abuse, Yan Moumou criminal detention. Recently, Ningnan County Court that, Yan Moumou elder abuse is a fact, should be severely punished. But the court after the court investigation and field visits to understand, Yan Moumou husband suffering from uremia, home debt. Yan Moumou a person to support the family, but also to take care of the 70 year old and the young children of the age of two. After her mother-in-law also understand the daughter-in-law. In consideration of the situation and the law, no conflicts, can not let the old old men, the court sentenced the beating daughter-in-law probation, let her go home to take care of the family. Heavy family mother-in-law write memorandum of understanding of 70 year old Lv Popo is in Ningnan County town of sand dam village with ODA, fathered five daughters and a son, but her daughters married abroad, her son Yang Zhaode followed a life for 20 years. Speaking of that scene occurred in March 21st of this year, still fresh neighbor Ms. Lai, "she (Yan Moumou) scolding her mother-in-law, kicking." Ms. Lai came forward to persuade, but Yan Moumou and do not listen to advise, we really can not see." So, the villagers call the alarm call. Local police quickly rushed to the scene, will be brought back to the police station investigation. Through questioning, Yan Moumou admitted the fact that the long-term abuse of the elderly. March 23rd, on suspicion of a crime of abuse, Yan Moumou criminal detention by the police. According to the village leader Wang Zhaofu introduced a few years ago, Yan Moumou husband Yang Zhaode suffering from hepatitis and other diseases, can not do heavy work, home by Yan Moumou a person to do farm work, but also to take care of 70 year old and two minor children. In March of this year, Yang Zhaode was found suffering from uremia, dialysis can only rely on the maintenance of life, around debt treatment. 13, Yang Zhaode in an interview with the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters repeatedly stressed that the contradiction is due to his family caused by illness. Lv Popo has said that he would never return to this house. However, since her daughter was taken away, the son of her mother-in-law thought of the child and sick son unattended, and again distressed, she is my daughter, after all, she did not, the house collapsed." In Yan Moumou case before the hearing, Lu mother wrote a letter of understanding, hope that the judges involved. With the situation of the consideration was sentenced to court daughter-in-law Ningnan County probation hearing recently. The investigation, because the victim Lu mother frail old and had no income, long-term abuse of the elderly, Yan Moumou not old enough to eat, the victim repeatedly find the township government to solve, but let Yan Moumou for the elderly abuse become aggravated. The court held that, Yan Moumou elder abuse is a fact, should be severely punished, as farway. In the course of the trial, Yan Moumou to the court to ensure that the future must be kind to Lv Popo, LV mother-in-law also submitted a written understanding to the court. In the process of hearing the case, the collegiate bench also visited the residence of yan. The court held that, considering the particularity of the relationship between the defendant and the victim in the case, in solving the case at the same time, should also pay attention to substantive issues in the case of family problems, however, the defendant and the victim must always return to the family, can not let the family because of Yan Moumou fault line相关的主题文章:

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